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The Art of Getting Away

You know it. That feeling. You know when you need to get away, and usually by the time you feel it, it’s already overdue.

Time for some time out! So, you get out the calendar. The thought of organising a baby/dog/house sitter almost stops you. But you know it’ll be worth it. You begin the search on where to go, and go down into the rabbit hole of choosing accommodation. You get so overwhelmed with the options and reviews, that you eventually hand it over to your partner, telling them to choose.

Finally, you have a plan. And with it, the anticipation. You have something to look forward to. Some time out, a change of scene, and time away from your routine.

Finally, the day arrives, and you co-ordinate your getaway with precision. Once all baby/cat/dog/house sitter instructions have been given, it’s time to ‘start the car!’ And don’t look back. You’re free!

Truth is, it’s all in the getting away. It almost doesn’t matter where you go, as long as it’s a change of scene. To get away from the house, chores, and bills, and everyday life. Getting away in itself is the adventure.

There’s nothing quite like being in holiday mode. Your mind is clearer, you sleep well, your regular aches and pains seem to disappear, and you suddenly have the time to reflect on…well anything. Time outside of your normal life allows you to reassess, and enjoy making plans for the future. And if you’re surrounded by nature, you can’t help but be soothed & relaxed by the natural environment (there’s studies on it, yes it’s a thing!).

When you’re away, you appreciate the little things. The smell of the bush as you get out of the car. The leaves crunching under your feet. Your name on the welcome board. Your room being the perfect temperature. Rainwater. A good shower. Luxurious sheets. Your senses are alive, and you suddenly feel more alive. You smell the incense, and you know that whenever you smell this again, it’ll instantly take you back to this holiday. You are now in the zone, and your body changes gears. You are relaxed already. And it’s just the beginning!

You thought you were tired, but now you have renewed energy, and you want to explore. Get out there. See what’s beyond that creek line, hit the walking trail, find that waterfall. Talk to the locals, get a feel for the place. Discover the local markets, country pub, or count the kangaroos coming in at dusk.

Returning at night to your cozy room, you enjoy the best sleep you’ve had in.. well, you don’t know how long. It’s the country air. And nature.

You wake up to a breakfast made for you. With your heightened senses, everything tastes better. Like a cafe, but you didn’t need to drive there. It’s in front of you, it’s amazing, and remind yourself that you must ask for the recipe. When you make it yourself one day, you’ll instantly be taken back to this holiday.

It sets you up for the day, and you know you have a day of adventure in front of you. As well as some time reading by the pool. Ahh, bliss. Did you wake up excited? You did, with the quiet anticipation that only a holiday can bring.

The days seem longer, the night stars are brighter, and as you gaze across the valley, you are truly present. You take a snapshot in your mind’s eye, so you can remember this feeling.

When it’s time to make the journey home, you aren’t just relaxed, you’re renewed. You bring that holiday vibe back with you, with new energy. Energy to enjoy your home, your loved ones, your plans. Everything feels brighter. You gained a lot, you know, from simply getting away.

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