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The room setup

Quenda Guesthouse has two luxuriously furnished guest rooms, each with their own unique style. You can book each room separately, or get a small group together and book out Quenda exclusively... Booking both rooms together comes with a discount.

How many guests can you accommodate?

We have two ensuite guest rooms. Each room has a king sized bed - perfect for two! If you want to stay with some friends, you can book both rooms here.

Is there air conditioning?

In line with our eco-stay values, there is no air conditioning in the rooms.

Winter comfort -  there is underfloor heating, a portable radiant heater as well as an electric blanket (oh and an outdoor fire pit area). The coldest months in Hovea are July and August.

Summer comfort - Quenda is situated in a valley which provides welcome shade in the late afternoon. As such, summer nights generally cool here. To keep you cool we have our awesome freshwater pool and a ceiling fan over each king bed. The warmest months in Hovea are January and February. 

Is there breakfast?

Yes! We are super proud of our healthy and nutritious breakfasts. Breakfast is optional and is charged at $40 per room per night. Now, we don’t want to toot our own horn or anything, but our breakfasts are often a highlight for guests. 
Naturopath approved, healthy, nutritious and delicious, we only fill you up with the good stuff - plant based whole foods. Breakfasts are always vegetarian, with vegan, GF, DF, grain free options always a priority. We cater to all dietary requests. 

Learn more at our Quenda Breakfast page.

Do you organise other food?

We offer vegetarian grazing platters (with advance notice) for our guests only. We've arranged several of these and (including for a proposal... she said yes!).  Our grazing platter comes with our smokeless fire pit (seasonal) and sparkling wine (e.g. Prosecco) with ice bucket. Price - POA.



Do the rooms have a kitchen?

The short answer is no - you're here to chill out and get away from the dishes!

Each room is equipped with a small fridge, tea & coffee making facilities and some plates/bowls/utensils etc. Most of our guests tend to stay 2-3 nights which isn't usually an issue regarding the lack of a kitchen. Our breakfast option has you covered for one of your meals and is often a highlight of a stay with us. In terms of other meals, we are happy to reheat food for you. It might also be helpful to know that the Parkerville Tavern is an easy 8 min walk away. There is also a wonderful local fresh produce shop in Mundaring called Hills Fresh which is perfect for picking up quality fresh provisions for picnics etc. 

Do you have a fridge?

Each room has a small 92 litre fridge (a standard bar fridge is ~70 litres).

Do you accommodate pets?

No, pets are not allowed at Quenda - no exceptions. 

Is smoking allowed?

No - the entire property is a smoke-free zone. 

Are kids allowed?

Children are welcome to stay at Quenda. We have a huge trampoline, kids tree swing and plenty of space to run about. Please be mindful of the following when booking:

- Our rooms have high quality furnishings and linen. If this sounds like you won't be able to relax, then maybe think of us when your children are a little older.

- You will need to book out both rooms if staying with children. This is to ensure that no other guests (who could be having a parents break) are impacted. 

- Babies in a portable cot work well at Quenda but you will need to BYO travel cot. 

What makes Quenda 'Eco'?

We were thinking Eco when planning to build Quenda. The Eco planning commenced as far back as 2005.

  • Quenda Guesthouse was constructed as a house with guest rooms when the design was first drafted. Everything about the property was built with with the environment in mind. We wanted a house that would be easy on the natural environment, have reduced running costs, yet be stylish and beautiful.

  • The most significant and important feature of the home is the passive solar design. The main home faces north which saves significantly on lighting/heating/cooling costs. The cladding on the walls of the home has no thermal mass which allows the dwellings to cool down after a hot summers day.  The Weathertex cladding is made of compressed sawdust and wax (100% Natural: 97% timber and 3% natural wax).

  • Both the main house and guest rooms have a black concrete floor, sealed with natural olive soap (as opposed to the usual polyurethane). In certain areas, this serves as a thermal mass as the black floor warms up on a winters day - perfect in the colder weather. 

  • We painted the interior of the house and guest rooms with eco-colour, zero VOC paints. This paint has proven to be excellent and leaves no noticeable odour, unlike other, more traditional paints.

  • Everything that goes down a drain or toilet is recycled in our Biolytix System. Biolytix is basically a giant worm farm and all treated water is fed to garden beds. The Biolytix system requires no chemicals to make it work. Whilst it’s not the perfect system and it does require occasional maintenance, the benefits to the environment make the system worthwhile.

  • Our freshwater pool is sanitised with copper/silver ionisation. No chlorine or salt is used in the maintenance of the pool.

  • Where possible we use recycled materials for landscaping e.g. recycled hardwood timbers for our pool fence, rocks for garden edging, newspaper and mulch for weed control, anything organic is fed to the chooks or returned to the garden, recycled concrete slabs for garden paths etc….

  • Like many people in WA, we heat our water with a solar hot water system and we generate considerable power savings with our 6KW PV system.

  • Every appliance we purchase comes with energy saving timers or as high an energy start rating as we can buy. We run the pool pump when the sun is shining to offset the power cost. 

What is breakfast like?

Check out our Instagram profile for an idea of the breakfasts we serve. We cater to dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free etc...

You can also learn more at our Quenda Breakfast page.

Can you organise a fire pit?

We have plenty of trees to manage which results in plenty of offcuts for our fire pit (AKA Bush TV). From the 1st of June to the 30th of September, we can organise a fire for you! In April, May, October & November, burning is a restricted activity and only available between 6pm and 11pm.

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