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The room setup

Quenda Guesthouse has two luxuriously furnished guest rooms, each with their own unique style. You can book each room separately, or get a small group together and book out Quenda exclusively... Booking both rooms together comes with a discount.

Quenda breakfasts are a highlight of a stay with us. They are curated from the food from our garden (where possible and when in season).

We cook nutritious, healthy, vegetarian food that will set you up for the entire morning. When confirming  your booking we will always check whether you would like breakfast to be added to your stay. If you have dietary requirements such as: vegan, gluten free or dairy free - that is no problem! In fact we love the challenge and we love experimenting with ingredient replacements - we have even figured out how to make gluten-free and dairy-free French crepes - they are awesome! We have a decent coffee machine so if you need a soy long macchiato topped up - no worries!

We're often told that our breakfasts are better value than a cafe, so be sure to include breakfast in your stay :-)

Food that we harvest onsite include: pomegranate, figs, macadamia nuts, pink grapefruit, lemons, limes/bush limes, oranges, cherry plums, apricots, mulberries, nashi pears and pecans! We also have a vegetable patch with plenty of herbs and seasonal veggies. 

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