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Quenda Guesthouse was a dream that started way before we hosted our first guests in 2015. It was an idea that sprung from a lot of travel, and of coming home to appreciate the beauty of the Perth Hills. It was about keeping the travel vibe alive, and tapping into the then undiscovered potential of the hills as a tourist destination. 


While we grew our young family, we - Jeremy & Claire - opened the doors of Quenda when our baby was 6 weeks old, in 2015. Since then, our accommodation has blossomed into a beautiful merging of nature and luxury, and grown into 2 guest rooms, nestled into our 1.5 acre property. 


Our focus has always been on offering unique hosted accommodation with strong environmental values. We love creating amazing plant-based and whole food breakfasts for our guests. We have day jobs, yes, but hosting is by far our favourite role!


We love sending guests to our secret local spots, and tipping them off on which waterfall to go to. We’re passionate about eco tourism, and showcasing all the natural beauty of the hills. We volunteer our time to preserve our natural environment, and are actively involved in community initiatives to activate eco tourism in the hills. 


As well as Quenda, Jeremy is co-founder of SpacetoCo, a local start-up business which provides an online platform for sharing and hiring spaces. Claire is a nurse, naturopath, and an Elected Member of Council at the Shire of Mundaring. 

Together with our two boys, we enjoy life in the Perth Hills, and we love sharing it with guests. 

We’d love to host you in the hills!

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